The Eheim Classic canister aquarium filters have a compact pump coupled with a large volume canister for filter media.

From a compact external canister filter for aquarium sizes up to 60 gal to a large filter for aquarium sizes up to 350 gallons the classic group are carefully tailored external canister filters equipped with high quality components with an excellent price value.

Eheim Classic Canister Aquarium Filters Feature:

  • Constant water circulation and efficient filtration enable optimal water quality
  • A variety of included filter media traps debris and promotes effective biological filtration
  • Quiet, efficient performance in a compact unit
  • Silicone sealing ring for easy and safe locking after cleaning
  • Sealing ring fixed to the pump head
  • Double-disconnect valves included for easy maintenance.
  • Filter media container facilitates convenient filling and cleaning.
  • Hassle-free set-up and maintenance
  • 2 years warranty

The various cartridges used in this filter fulfil various functions - mechanical, biological, adsorptive and chemical filtration. Coarse fliter pads remove dirt particles and suspended floating matter from your aquarium. Fine pads continue that process. The cartridges made of special foam materials provide a large filter surface area for the growth of beneficial bacteria to ensure the biological conversion of toxic waste or the chemical alteration of the water. EHEIM active carbon cartridges are also excellent for adsorption.

Model Aquarium Size Flow Filter Volume Power Consumption
Eheim Classic 2213 up to 65 Gal 250 GPH 3/4 gal 8 watts
Eheim Classic 2215 up to 92 Gal 276 GPH 1 gal 15 watts
Eheim Classic 2217 up to 160 Gal 264 GPH 1-1/2 gal 20 watts
Eheim Classic 2260 up to 396 Gal 502 GPH 5 gal ?? watts

Each Eheim Classic Canister Filter contains:

  • Carbon Filter Pad
  • Fine Filter Pad
  • Coarse Filter Pad
  • Eheim Mech - to disperse the water and trap large debris
  • Eheim Substrat Pro - a large surface area biomedia
  • Flexible Hose
  • Fish Strainer
  • Double Disconnects
  • Suction holder
  • Overflow elbow with nozzle pipe
  • Fresh or Saltwater
  • Includes 1 year warranty
  • 2260 contains NO MEDIA