The Eheim ECCO PRO Canister Filter (which stands for "Eheim Convenient Canister Operation") incorporates the features you want most: It offer 3 stage filtration (mechanical, chemical, and biological) in an easy-to-set-up-and-maintain external unit that is unbelievably quiet and energy efficient. The filter also comes complete with media, fittings, and valves.

The multifunction handle is unique to the Eheim ECCO Pro filter. It functions 3 ways: First, it functions as a carrying handle. It locks and unlocks the filter top. AND it functions as a priming device. For easy priming, (after simply connecting the intake and output hoses and arranging your media baskets) move the multifunction handle down to the start position. The water flow will begin. When the filter is full, just plug and play.

The convenient, interlocking media baskets allow for versatility while preventing water by-pass. No-bypass circulation means cleaner water. Options for different types of media in the baskets means that you can customize the filter to meet your individual tank requirements.

The number of baskets is determined by the size of the filter: ECCO Pro 130 = 1 basket, ECCO Pro 200 = 2 and ECCO Pro 300 = 3 baskets. The filter baskets come pre-filled with original EHEIM filter media.

An additional pre-filter captures dirt particles right at the beginning of the filtering process. In this way, the subsequent filter material is protected and cleaning intervals are longer - on average 3-6 months between cleanings.

EHEIM High Performance Ceramics ensure very quiet running, high resilience and extremely long service life.

Easy to Use:

  • Multifunction handle locks for safe carrying
  • Self-primes for immediate water flow
  • Includes quick-release pivot valves and filter pads
  • Adjustable flow rate

Eheim ECCO Canister Aquarium Filters Feature:

  • Integrated priming support for starting water circulation
  • Multi-functional handle
  • Swivel-and-swing hose connections
  • 3 stages of filtration in an easy-to-set-up filter
  • The filter flow rate can be adjusted to requirement.
  • Low energy consumption. Compared to similar filters it uses 44% to 75% less energy
  • Fresh or Saltwater
  • 2 years warranty
Model Aquarium Size Flow Filter Baskets Dimensions
Eheim ECCO 2234 Pro 200 up to 60 Gal 145 GPH; 5 watts 2 6.5" x 14"
Eheim ECCO 2236 Pro 300 up to 80 Gal 185 GPH; 8 watts 3 8" x 16.3"

Each Eheim ECCO Pro Canister Filter Contains:

  • Carbon Filter Pad
  • Fine Filter Pad
  • Coarse Filter Pad
  • Priming Pipe (Intake Pipe)
  • Flexible Hose
  • Fish Strainer
  • Double Disconnects
  • Suction holder
  • Overflow elbow with nozzle pipe