Energy-efficient, top-quality Eheim Professional 3 Aquarium Canister Filters handle even the largest aquariums with ease. They offer mechanical, chemical, and biological filtration in one, exterior, self-contained unit.

Filter Media Baskets are completely removable and can contain any media necessary for your situation. Thanks to these easy-to-use filter baskets, partial/complete cleaning or partial/complete replacement of the filter media is much easier.

Eheim Pro 3 filters are easy to set up, easy to maintain, and easy to customize. Self priming with an adjustable pump flow.

Easy To Use:

  • Automatic self-priming
  • Safety hose adapters with locking mechanism allow quick fill up
  • Easy access pre-filter.
  • Multiple media baskets ensure superior aquarium filtration
  • Multi-use filtration baskets with handles for easy maintenance.
  • Hassle-free set-up and maintenance

Eheim Ultra Professional 3 Canister Filters Feature:

  • Integrated automatic self priming
  • Large pre-filter traps larger dirt particles, lengthening cleaning intervals of the biological filter media; simple to remove and easy to clean
  • High water through-flow performance with very low energy consumption
  • Adjustable pump output
  • Safety hose adapters - can only be removed when the hose taps are closed
  • Easy to use locking mechanism
  • Individually removable filter baskets for filling to suit individual requirements
  • High quality ceramic spindle and sleeve make it very quiet and durable
  • Completely equipped with filter media
  • Fresh or Saltwater
  • For aquarium up to 160 gallons
Model Aquarium Size Flow Max Head
Eheim Pro 2071 up to 65 Gal 250 GPH 4'10"
Eheim Pro 2073 up to 95 Gal 276 GPH 5' 11"
Eheim Pro 2075 up to 160 Gal 330 GPH 5' 11"

Each Eheim Pro 3 Canister Filter contains:

  • A pre-filter
  • Filter media baskets
  • 9 ft 10" of 5/8" diameter Eheim hose
  • Eheim MECH media
  • Eheim SUBSTRAT media.
  • Eheim bioMECH media.
  • All units come with one coarse and one fine filter media pad
    • Filter pad and foam filter pad
    • Coarse pre-filter pad
  • Suction holder
  • Overflow elbow with nozzle pipe

Complicated priming techniques are now a thing of the past.

The filter system is filled using this convenient priming support at "the push of a button" and immediately the system starts working. The ergometric priming lever fills the 25 L filter canister in just a few movements.

The EHEIM Pro 3 is the first external canister filter with a triple adapter. The water is sucked in through 2 priming hoses with 2 prime strainers placed in different positions in the tank to ensure perfect water replacement in ALL zones of large aquariums. The water is returned into the aquarium through 1 pressure line.

Cleaning is very simple with Pro 3 Filter:

The filter has castors that make maneuvering easy, but it is firmly positioned on skids when in place.

The NEW, large, 1.5 L pre-filter is located directly under the pump head. Coarse particles of detritis are immediately caught and cannot collect on the bottom of the canister. Cleaning intervals are longer and cleaning is much easier.

To clean the pre-filter, simply transport it with the enclosed trough to the nearest water tap, wash out the pad and re-insert the clean pre-filter pad back into the filter.

Now the pre-cleaned water falls to the bottom of the canister and starts to flow through 3 filter baskets which hold 4 L each (total filter volume: 12 L + 1.5 L pre-filter = 13.5 L).