Vortex D-1 Diatom Canister Filters



Vortex D-1 filters over 250 GPH, and quickly and quietly super-polishes your aquarium water in just minutes. Used properly, it will eliminate the need for tearing the tank down for cleaning.

Because they use a unique diatom powder, Vortex filters can filter particles as small as one diatom in size. They are very effective at virtually eliminating many infectious bacterias and algae spores as well as ridding the tank of many free-swimming infectious stages of parasites before they can attach to your fish. FILTERS OUT "ICK" PARASITES!

Tanks to 55 gallons.

Don't wait until your tank is toxic and green. Save your Saturday of tearing it all down. Purchase one now.

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Vortex XL Diatom Canister Filters



Larger than the D-1 Filter, Diatom XL filter is for larger tanks. Filters up to 300 GPH. The Vortex XL polishes tank water using a unique diatom powder that filters particles as small as one diatom. FILTERS OUT "ICK" PARASITES and many other free-swimming infectious stages of parasites before they can attach to your fish. It also virtually eliminates many infectious bacterias, and algae spores, keeping the tank inhabitants healthy and helping to prevent algae blooms.

The thermally protected motor is designed for continuous operation. And the self-priming motor makes it is easy to recharge the filter with new powder and a new bag when necessary.

Tanks to 110 gallons.

For super cleaning your aquarium and water polishing as well as routine cleaning jobs, minutes can save you hours.

Stop the messy, backbreaking and time-consuming, work of tank cleaning. Purchase now.

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Vortex Diatom Freedom Filter



The only filter you'll ever need! Go from tank to tank, day to day and keep them all virtually free of algae, bacteria, and parasites. It filters aquarium water to an extremely pure state, and eliminates the need to "tear down" your aquariums to clean them. It will filter 100% of the water 100% of the time - no hidden "by-pass holes".

Designed for continuous use, the Diatom Freedom eliminates the need for other filters. A high-speed filter designed for water "polishing", this filter is also portable and versatile. It hangs on the back of the tank or sits on the floor. And it moves without losing siphon so you can go from one tank to another without starting over. Has a 30 second filter recharge (without kinking the hose).

It uses a unique diatom powder to filter particles as small as one diatom in size. Algae is no challenge. Even some parasites and bacteria are large enough to be trapped and pulled out of the water by a diatom filter. Even FILTERS OUT "ICK" PARASITES.

Used properly, your Freedom Filter will keep your aquarium inhabitants healthier, the water sparkling clean, and your time spent viewing your fish instead of cleaning their house.

Ideal for use by Aquarium stores or the professional hobbyist with multiple tank systems. Don't wait. It is the best investment a fish hobbyist can make.

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Vortex Diatom Filter Parts



Properly maintained filters help keep fish healthy and keep your filter running longer and more efficiently.

Filter Parts:

  • Diatom Filter Bag D-1
  • Diatom Filter Bag, XLG
  • Diatom Filter Glass Jar (XL)
  • Diatom Filter Jar Gasket (D-1)
  • Diatom Filter XL "O" Ring
  • Jar Ring ( Black Plastic)
  • Diatom Filter Main Casting (D-1)
  • Diatom Filter Shaft Seal (D-1 & XL)
  • Diatom Filter Intake Exhaust Strainer (D-1 & XL)
  • Diatom U Tube set (2 pcs), (D-1 & XL)
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